Backed by over 30 years of bibliometric expertise and 50 years of citation analyses, Thomson Reuters delivers objective data and innovative solutions to measure and assess scholarly output and influence around the world. Using the reliable bibliographic and citation data from Web of Science, our diverse Research Analytics solutions allow institutions, government agencies and funding bodies to evaluate research impact and performance, benchmark against peers, build internal repositories, and more. Solid statistical evidence combined with unique, flexible tools and renowned consulting services support the rational, informed decisions institutions need to make to effectively position themselves for a competitive present and future.

Our Customers

Our innovative solutions are used by researchers, administrators, analysts, executive management, librarians, and anyone else interested in all aspects of research assessment. Spanning a variety of disciplines, from life sciences to engineering and humanities, our customers are from academic institutions, research labs, government agencies and funding bodies in more than 100 countries.

1955: Dr. Garfield initiates the concept of citation indexing and searching