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Converis is a complete and integrated workflow solution integrating data and analytics to track the research process from start to finish.  Feel confident with Converis managing your research from the initial idea, to applying for funding, through day-to-day support of ongoing projects.  Easily keep track of and share research results, publications, patent information and more.

Converis is a key communication tool that supports the interaction between stakeholders throughout the workflow, and brings an increased visibility of complete research profiles over the web.

Converis gives you total support along the research life cycle through integrated, comprehensive modules.


Pre-and Post-Award Management

The pre- and post-award management module in Converis supports the complete award cycle:

  • From an initial project idea to matching you project to available funding, to open communication with every investigator, to follow-up and more.
  • Track tasks and deadlines, receive automatic reminders, coordinate documents between investigators and the research office, report on success rates, financial overviews and collaborations.

Publications Management

The publications management module allows you to systematically collect, validate, present and report on publications:

  • Manage publications, including bibliometrics meta-data and full text.
  • Import publications, citations, DOIs and the journals copyright policies with integrated online sources.
  • Fulfill the requirements of the DINI Open Access standard with Open Access repository functionality.

Graduate Student Management

Graduate student lifecycle management is easy with this Converis module:

  • From admission of new graduate students, to in-program management of study plans with milestones, supervisory meetings as well as planned and achieved results, through graduation formalities.
  • Integrate student records from external systems, also benefitting from the reuse of data from other modules pulling in person details, activities, publications and projects.

Research Portal

This out-of-the-box solution allows you to share information over the web:

  • Present research publicly  and securely over the web
  • See an overview of research activities and results for different research disciplines organizational units and individual researchers with flexible filtering.
  •  Seamlessly integrate into the organization’s overall web presentation.


The Analytics module offers you an interactive web interface:

  • Create state-of-the-art custom reporting with quick and easy design functions.
  • Export of the reports in HTML, Excel, CSV, PDF and RTF.
  • Visualization options including line charts, pie charts, bar charts, heat maps and geographical maps illustrate developments over time, distribution on different categories and collaborations.


Configuration in Converis allows you to customize how it works for you:

  • Flexibly modify the Converis data model, user rights, workflows, templates and reports to meet continuously evolving needs and changing internal and external requirements.

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