An Objectivve Analysis of People, Programs, and Peers
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InCites™ is a customized, web-based research evaluation tool that allows you to analyze institutional productivity and benchmark your output against peers worldwide. With customized citation data, global metrics, and multidimensional profiles on the leading research institutions, InCites gives comprehensive insight into your institution's performance. And with robust visualization and reporting tools, you can create and share reports quickly and easily.

And now, access Essential Science Indicators and Journal Citation Reports directly from the InCites platform.

InCites-a single environment for research and bibliometric assessment and evaluation to better support your long term vision and keep you informed of the latest trends with a multifaceted analytics view.

With InCites You Can

  • Compare quantitative and qualitative aspects of performance against other institutions and world and field benchmarks
  • Pinpoint influential and emerging researchers and research trends
  • Showcase strengths and identify potential areas for growth
  • Set measurable goals; allocate funds accurately and intelligently
  • Monitor collaboration activity and track new collaboration opportunities
  • Support accreditation activity, funding proposals, legislative agendas, alumni appeals, faculty and student recruitment
  • Plan a research strategy with metrics that can be tracked over time

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