Institutional Profiles


The Institutional Profiles module of InCitesTM provides profiles for 769 of the world's leading institutions using a combination of citation metrics from Web of ScienceSM, profile information from the institution's themselves, and reputational data from the Global Institutional Profiles Project. Institutional Profiles presents details on a wide array of indicators such as faculty size, reputation, funding, citation measures and more.

With Institutional Profiles you can answer questions like:

  • Where is my institution viewed most favorably in terms of the reputation of research produced or teaching practices?
  • How does our research output compare with the results it yields – both in terms of impact and income?
  • What is the optimal balance between capacity and performance?
  • Is my institution's output being appropriately reflected in our perceived reputation?
  • How does my institution's research perform against citation impact?
  • How does our research income compare to others and are we seeing a return on investment?

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