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The global research environment is changing. It’s more collaborative and it’s more competitive. And with it, every decision counts.  InCites gives you the confidence to ensure your strategies and decisions are informed by the best insights available.

The Elements
The Capabilities
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Build a comprehensive view into your organization’s performance using unified data sources to evaluate output, performance and trends at the individual, department, institution and global level.

  • Identify journal impact and explore journal networks
  • Find highly cited researchers, departments and labs
  • Evaluate existing research partnerships and measure performance
  • Analyze emerging research areas and funding trends
  • Advise and substantiate strategic research initiatives



Understand the full scope of your organization’s contributions by building scholarly profiles based on our publishing and citation data. Then layer in your institutional data to track success within your organization more specifically.

  • View organization, department, group, or individual profiles to track research, service, and teaching activities
  • Quantify your research outputs to assess growth and the impact of strategic initiatives
  • Identify experts and support collaboration opportunities
  • Integrate systems including local repositories



Let our team of global experts provide you with meaningful and relevant interpretations and recommendations that support your unique challenges.

From reports analyzing scholarship trends to custom studies—answer your institution’s specific research management questions to turn data into action.

  • Utilize the complex data we analyze and interpret for you to inform and support strategic decisions
  • Get answers to common research evaluation questions with our compelling narrative reports
  • Use our customized data for reporting and internal systems integration
  • Evaluate and measure progress with custom analytics