Thomson Reuters Research In View

Intelligent Management of your intellectual assets

An enterprise-wide solution for collecting, connecting, and managing scholarly activity information… across your entire institution

Research In View is an institution-wide system that aggregates, standardizes, and links data from multiple sources and formats to provide a database and analytic interface for viewing, searching and reporting on faculty service, teaching, research expertise, and accomplishments.

The system integrates with your institutional data systems as well as Web of ScienceSM and ScienceWire® publication, patent, book, and grant data sources, and ResearcherID. ScienceWire is a global platform for relating people, organizations, and research outcomes, including papers, grants, and patents.

Now for the first time ever an enterprise-wide system is available that connects every faculty member at your institution. A unified resource that supports annual review, faculty expertise search, administrative and strategic reporting, and workflow activity such as creation of biosketches and CVs. It’s intelligent management of your intellectual assets – at your fingertips.

  • Faculty Tools include an interactive CV with recommendation engine for journal articles, conference papers & proceedings, patents, and grants.
  • Administrative Reporting Tools provide an overview of scholarly activities across the institution, and at the group and individual level.
  • Internal and Public Search allows public visitors to search for faculty by name, keyword, discipline, or university group.

With Research In View you can:

  • Take advantage of an information management system that captures data for service, teaching, and research activities for the entire campus
  • Provide all of faculty with a one-stop resource for collecting and reporting on their scholarly activities, including an automated infrastructure to keep profiles up-to-date
  • Respond to media requests and sponsored research opportunities
  • Search for faculty, and faculty can search for each other
  • Support collaborative activities through integration with ResearcherID
  • Streamline reporting tasks, such as annual review, conflict of interest, and grant biosketches
  • Quantify the research strengths of your institution
  • Assess growth and success of strategic initiatives
  • Identify and promote faculty accomplishments
  • Compare your institution to peers and aspirational peers through integration with InCites
  • Assist faculty and student recruitment efforts


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